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Biscotte & Brioche 2

Around the world

Sunday December 4, 2022 - 11 a.m.

MONS Royal Theater

An invitation to travel ....


Take a brother and a sister! They will go around the world aboard their BB-mobile which rolls, flies, swims and can even go into space….


This “theatrical-musical” show for gourmet adventurers will take young and old alike into the world of travel. Performed and sung, it is also educational in more than one way.


For this second part of the adventures of our two accomplices, the theme of food is again approached - an opportunity to discover or rediscover where certain dishes, certain fruits come from - but not only: it will also be a question of speaking different languages. , to discover other cultures and other realities sometimes far from us but so topical. The opportunity also to slip a thought for all those who do not have the chance to eat like us in certain countries, under certain conditions ... All wrapped up in diverse and varied musical atmospheres.  


This fantastic epic is served to you by two teaching artists who both kept a child's soul: Maud PELGRIMS (interpreter of all the characters of PETER PAN in a single stage adaptation of the eponymous novel) and Christophe DELPORTE, stage accomplice of HENRI DÈS for 15 years and conductor of ANNIE CORDY .


Aimed at a family audience from 3 years old, the show is made of orse and already part of the Jeunesses Musicales (2020-2021) tours organized in the  schools of the Wallonia Brussels federation.

With  Maud Pelgrims & Christophe Delporte

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